Engineers, as well as managers and clients of Ultraflex Power Technology are invited to attend the event.
What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) / Industry 4.0 and what benefits can equipment manufacturers and their clients reap from it?
This will be the topic of an upcoming seminar that IndigoVerge will deliver to engineers and manager/clients of Ultraflex Power Technologies.

IIoT seminar

The event will take place on May 19th from 10:00 am, at Ultraflex Power Technologies Bulgarian office and will cover the following topics: What is IIoT, what applications and opportunities are enabled by IIoT, what are the benefits for equipment manufacturers and their customers and what specific steps are needed to successfully integrate IIoT-based solutions.

One of the event highlights will be the demonstration of a prototype of UltraFlex Power Monitor cloud service for monitoring of processes, which is based on Ultraflex Power Technology equipment.

The seminar will be delivered by Ivan Dragoev, founder and CEO at IndigoVerge.

IndigoVerge is specialized in consulting, integration and development for IIoT-based solutions thanks to which customers monitor, trace and optimize a number of technological and business processes. As an end result customers are able to optimize their R&D activities and technical support and deliver new types of added value services like monitoring and prevention of equipment failure. The company has 10+ years experience with software development and IIoT consulting and development, for customers in USA, Austria, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

Ultraflex Power Technologies specializes in the design and manufacturing of induction heating and melting equipment. Among the key services provided by the company are laboratory process development, preventative maintenance, OEM systems, equipment repair and parts, integration, and installation services.