Yet another curious IIoT session will be delivered by IndigoVerge co-CEO Ivan Dragoev next month. With years of experience in real-world Industrial IoT projects, Ivan is one of the most cherished presenters at IoT forums, in Bulgaria as well as abroad.

The next event he will present at is the January meetup of the Internet of Things user group in Bulgaria. In an 1-hour session Ivan will talk about the Forecasts vs Reality for Industrial Internet of Things.

The following agenda will be covered:

  • What is Industrial IIoT and how it differs from IoT
  • What are the trends in implementing IoT before and nowаdays
  • What are the reasons for the slow adoption of IIoT in manufacturing
  • What are some of the risks in the IIoT integration stage and how to mitigate them
  • What is the attitude of business people towards IIoT, what is the standard decision making process when IIoT is considered for integration
  • Stages in closing an IIoT integration deal, based on real-world examples

There will be a Q&A and Networking part in this free event, so – feel welcome to join it. Registration is mandatory.

Find out more on the event and sign up for it here.

Thanks to DEV.BG for hosting and supporting the event.