Our partners from Schneider Electric trusted us to lead an internal training on Programming Basics for them, based on our experience in developing Software Solutions for the industrial field. Being a successful speaker and lecturer at various IT events, our CEO Ivan Dragoev organized and conducted a complete 6-day training for Schneider employees at their office.

  • Day 1, Day 2: Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS principles
    This will help Schneider employees understand how the code works, so they can modify it according to their needs and be able to create web forms and web pages.
  • Day 3: Basic knowledge of JavaScript
    Understanding of JavaScript and learning how to create dynamic web pages.
  • Day 4: Getting introduced to Node.js, SQL and NoSQL
    This day was dedicated to developing a test application with Node.js and getting familiar with SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Day 5: Node.js in action
    Creating a demonstration Node.js-based application which communicates with industrial PLC controller. Practicing how to control an electric motor and a frequency inverter with the PLC controller. Additionally, creating a React-based web application that visualizes and controsl the state of the demonstration system.
  • Day 6: Introducing Node-Red
    Learning to create custom note for Node-Red and additional security as well as deployment and dockerized apps.

If you need a training or a custom industrial automation solution combined with modern web technologies, do not hesitate to contact us!