Dear clients, partners and supporters!

cropped-indigoVerge-logo-large.pngMy name is Ilia Iordanov and I am the co-CEO of CompletIT. With this post I want to announce something special: As of this week, IndigoVerge is the new name of our software development company CompletIT.

As you may know, until recently CompletIT has been focused on outsourced software solutions. Part of them were related to Microsoft Silverlight technology, considering our expertise and support for this technology.

In the recent years though, we have gone out of the pure outsourcing and have been taking up the development of complete web solutions, from websites to entire web, mobile and intranet platforms. In the past two years we have also launched two own projectsDeed and HutGrip – gaining invaluable experience with the development of a product from start to end: from the investment raising, through customer development on an international scale, to sales and marketing.

Considering the above experience, we felt that we need a total rebranding to reflect the key changes we made in the business focus of the company. The core team behind the company is the same (with excellent new additions joining recently), but our service portfolio is no longer restricted to outsourcing. We now offer our customers expertise on creating complete web and mobile solutions, including: ideation and strategy, graphic design and UI, architecture and development and online marketing.

We believe that this rebranding is a natural step so that, in the years to come, we can establish our brand in the industry as a provider of complete and innovative web and mobile solutions.

Our promise to you is that we’ll continue to stay at the top of the new technologies and deliver more value to our clients and partners every step of the way.

Feel welcome to get in touch at info [at] if you have inquiries on this change, or want to work together on your project. Our brand new website is also coming soon at, stay tuned.